Friday, August 1, 2008

Crazy Moms and School Supplies

I thought this was a cool shot, it was from our long walk I talked about yesterday. I had only the digital camera with me but I really wish I had brought along my SLR, I think it would have captured the color and texture better. Oh well........................... maybe next time.

I went to Target today to start school supply shopping today. OH MY GOD!! It was like the day after Christmas sale! HAHAHAHA Mom's were going insane gathering supplies, like there was a limited supply of glue sticks. They had their kids in on it too, "GET THAT BOX OF CRAYONS! NO NOT THAT ONE, THAT ONE NEXT TO IT!" As they frantically dig for black pins NOT THE BLUE ONES!! I did laugh out loud when I saw one mom try to get what looked like a 17 year old daughter, to get the pink back pack with a child-like design on it. At first I thought she was kidding but, nope, she was not. The look of disgust on the teens face was priceless. I do not buy anything that requires choice without my daughter with me, such as back pack, binders, etc. All the rest of the things such as paper, pens, pencils, I will usually get. To me, it was a strange game of football played MOM style -- block and pass, block and pass. As if there were no other store in town with school supplies!


Lisa said...

Agree..! I too shopped at Target last week and It was like the day after Christmas sale.

we_be_toys said...

Oh girl - testify to the pre-school madness of shopping for supplies - it's why I went the day before the tax-free weekend they have here. Large crowds, especially large crowds of uber moms make me very squirrely!
Hence, my love for the rural, the sparsely populated places. Wish we had more of them around here...sigh...!