Thursday, July 31, 2008

About Me

This is a picture taken while on a long walk through the woods, which there is plenty of where I was. I was in western Pennsylvania at the family farm that remains in our family. One of my favorite things about going up there is that it is about as far from any city or town as a person can get. That may sound, a be, hell to some but I do find a lot of peace when I visit. The "road" that you see is one used by the gas company so it makes a nice path to follow.

This being a new blog for me and a new one to read for you, I thought I will tell a little about myself. I was not to in depth on the profile.

I am a 35 year old mother of two wonderful children, one 12 year old girl that is a riot and a 9 year old boy that keeps most everyone laughing. I have been married for .................... well it will be 17 years this month. I am an RN in an ICU unit and I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!! I love to read, I read World War II stories, anything from Steven King, Jodi Picoult, Harry Potter, and am on the Eragon trilogy now (well the third one comes out next month) I own my own Harley Davidson motorcycle, a 2007 Nightster. Believe me, I get a lot of crap from a few doctors and even some of my co-workers for THAT! hehehehe I run about three days a week and lift weights in between. I am not a fitness freak and still enjoy my chocolate and coffee, I just try to keep fit to counteract the bad things. I love my dog and my cat both of which make it very clear who they belong to. My husband is a railroad conductor so he comes and goes which sounds bad but to tell you the truth, it fits us very well.

That's enough for now!


Marvin the Martian said...

It's a pleasure to meet you, Saphira!

Saphira said...

thank you Marvin!

DaisyBug said...

I have a bowflex - we just bought it. I am not a fitness person AT ALL - but I need to be less fat. Have you any experience with the bowflex, Saphira?

Saphira said...

daisybug, no but I wish I had my own little home gym -- very cool!

we_be_toys said...

Well howdy! I hate writing profiles too - I never know what to say.
I am a HUGE fan of the woods of Western PA, since that's where my dad is from. We go every summer for a week (wish it could be more!) and it always feels like home.

Melissa Renewed said...

Wow, I should go visit PA - that picture looks like the woods of Germany, where I spent my youth. I thought Colorado was where I was going to find the closest scenery, but apparently not!

Pleased to meet you...even if it is a bit late! :)