Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Grandpa's Odd Collection

My grandpa (my mom's dad) had a unique collection and this only one small corner of it. LOL! Back in the day he was a dairy farmer in western Pennsylvania, this is the pole barn. Just to give you an idea of how big is is, five school buses can fit side by side in this building and is about two stories high. All four walls look just like this.

When I was a kid we collected aluminum cans for extra change. Back in the mid 80's it actually would pay pretty well! Anyway, somehow my grandpa took this to another kind of collecting while he was visiting us out here one year.

When he started digging he found not only other collectors but some very unique, old and some really cool cans and bottles over the years. There are some that are worth quite a bit of money, lol, who knew?

Both of my grandparents are gone now but the farm remains in the family and the cans..............? ...................... well, it would not be grandpa's farm without them so we all keep them and laugh about them every year at the family reunion.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two Goals

My husband and I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert this year, our second one so far. He puts on an AMAZING show!


I have made a short term and a long term goal for myself. Lately I have been feeling like I need to find something for me again. For so long I had school to focus on I need that kind of focus again. Not that my family is not enough, I love my kids! They are amazing in so many ways and I love being their mom but when they are in school and I am home from work, I need something.

I have been going to the gym for several years, weight lifting mostly and a little running. In the past I have done a few 5k's but never really thought about serious training for anything. Until now.................................. I am training for a 5k at the end of January, this is my short term goal. I have also been asked to join a MS150 team for next year. I am very excited about this! Yes, this is my long term goal.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Harley

This is me, my 2007 Harley Nightster and my best friend with his Harley. I LOVE to ride but unfortunately where I live it is now cold and snow is on the ground. My friend, well, he is lucky enough to live in a state where he can ride year round.

I had always wanted a motorcycle, dreamed of riding on the back of one, owning one. People though I was crazy. Now I am an ICU nurse, I see several motorcycle accidents in my unit and some of the doctors have fun pointing them out to me and asking when it will be me in that bed. Usually I just laugh, what can I say? I know the risks, I always put on my gear but I know there will come a day when a car does not pay attention or my tire will blow out and I will crash. Riding her benefits me in so many ways! Of course the thrill of the ride itself is great but it is also a way for me to get out by myself to truly be alone. I love to get out of the city and just enjoy the ride. This bike is some of the best therapy I could ever have to get away from in insanity in my life.

As a side note, the friend in the picture has his own blog. You can find it listed as Adventures in Chrome, go on give it a click!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

His Mom NEEDS to Go

Somehow I was able to get myself into this position after all these years! I did not, however, attempt to get up from this........... I lowered to my back then got up! I may still be flexible but I don't want to push my limits!

This picture does show how I am feeling though. A little up-side-down and twisted from the normal. I think my stress level is at an all time high. I hate what it does to me physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is not healthy to be this uptight.

I feel that my biggest stress is his mom living with us ........... STILL!! Four and a half years ....... WAY to long to have anyone live with you that you did not give birth to. I have talk with my husband many, many times about this but I don't see any action being taken. He has two brothers that are single, only one of them has a 16 year old boy that pretty much comes and goes on his own, I think this needs to be THEIR problem for a while. I thought a decision had been made but I have yet to see any action after five months of talk. I want my house to my self, I want to sit in my kitchen naked if I want, I want to have sex in any room of the house when the kids are gone. These are not wild ideas, they are simple and normal.

Why does he want his mom here? When I ask him this he says he wants her gone too but that is not what I read from him. I am very close to making him choose, me or her in this house but I know that it would bring ugly words and bad feelings to do that. I can't take it anymore.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cold Medicine, TSA, & the DMV

I just like this picture, it was taken the last time I was in Florida with my husband and two friends. We all left the kids at home and headed south for a week.

Have you ever noticed that society has really lost touch with reality?

This is the time of year when we all start coughing, sneezing, suffering from stuffy noses and sinuses. UGH!!! I know this is not a new thing but it really bothered me today. To get a decent decongestant a person has to take a plastic card to the pharmacy, show your ID and pay for it separately. Oh, I forgot that I had to sign some separate thing that verified something or other. Good God, are you kidding me?! There is always going to be SOMETHING junkies come up with to help with their drug making, with holding these items is not going to stop them from doing it.

It's like the so called security at the airports. Take me word for it, it will not be a suicide bomber that attacks the next plan or air port. It will be a normal, average person that just snaps from all the crap we have to go through just to get from point A to point B. Here is a REALLY good question that I would love to ask; this no more than 3 ounces of liquid put into a plastic baggies is saving us HOW?

Even getting a drivers license renewed in my state has turned into the biggest pain in the ass that there ever was. We need ........ a freaking birth certificate, not a copy mind you but one with the state seal. Oh my God! What the hell is THAT about? So, this means the health department is making a killing by charging each person $15 for one of these fine documents. We also have to have our proof of insurance and some kind of proof of residency such as a utility bill or payroll check. Is this not completely insane? I think the next time I go, I will take a urine sample and a vile of blood.

I just feel that we are putting so much time, effort and money into things that are so small and stupid and not looking at the things that actually might make a difference.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Grandma's Rings

I did not know that this picture was taken until a day later, this is the national cemetery they are in. It took me a while to find them, so much had changed since I had been there. I would go more often, however, it is in a different state and I also believe that they are with me and hear me everyday. I miss my grandmother very much and wish that she was here to see my kids and how wonderful they are. I would like for her to know that she is the main reason I picked to work in the ICU.

One of my favorite memories is the day she asked me to go with her to the back bedroom of her house where she pulled from her vanity a ring box that had her wedding ring and her mothers wedding ring. She said, "These are for you." I was only about 13 at the time but I still remember how I felt when she handed them to me.

At my wedding, I wore them both on my right hand. My grandma was to sick to be able to leave the house by then but with those rings on, she was with me.

I have since had the prongs replaced and the gold shined up. They asked if I wanted to replace a few of the diamonds, HELL NO! They are special, there may be a chip or two that can only be seen with a jeweler's loop but to me they are perfect and part of me. I put them on and feel her close to my heart.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Promise To Myself

This cabin is a great retreat and I feel the need to be there again!


I've been feeling a bit down for quite a while now. I am having a difficult time finding motivation to get things done. One thing I do realize is that I need to write more and maybe share a little more, getting it out seems to help me see things more clearly and feel better. Plus I have the added benefit of someone telling me when I am the one being a jack ass! So ......... with a promise to myself I will write more.