Wednesday, December 10, 2008

His Mom NEEDS to Go

Somehow I was able to get myself into this position after all these years! I did not, however, attempt to get up from this........... I lowered to my back then got up! I may still be flexible but I don't want to push my limits!

This picture does show how I am feeling though. A little up-side-down and twisted from the normal. I think my stress level is at an all time high. I hate what it does to me physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is not healthy to be this uptight.

I feel that my biggest stress is his mom living with us ........... STILL!! Four and a half years ....... WAY to long to have anyone live with you that you did not give birth to. I have talk with my husband many, many times about this but I don't see any action being taken. He has two brothers that are single, only one of them has a 16 year old boy that pretty much comes and goes on his own, I think this needs to be THEIR problem for a while. I thought a decision had been made but I have yet to see any action after five months of talk. I want my house to my self, I want to sit in my kitchen naked if I want, I want to have sex in any room of the house when the kids are gone. These are not wild ideas, they are simple and normal.

Why does he want his mom here? When I ask him this he says he wants her gone too but that is not what I read from him. I am very close to making him choose, me or her in this house but I know that it would bring ugly words and bad feelings to do that. I can't take it anymore.


Marty said...

If your husband has other siblings than they MUST do their part to help out. PERIOD!

That Chick Over There said...

I would have LOST MY MIND. Like, after five minutes.

I salute you!